My Tour of Firestone Walker Brewing Company

December 3, 2010

I like beer. If you asked anyone who knew me if I liked beer, they would give you a resounding yes. We travel north in California very frequently. My birthday was coming up and it was time for us to make a change. We’ve been camping to San Luis Obispo before but never have taken an extended trip south. Our route was from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, squirreling through small towns and experiencing California first hand via our car. I conducted a beer dinner at my former employers restaurant and wanted to stop by for a tour. The beer is wonderful, the staff was very friendly and we had a great time, albeit a tad sick but beer has healing qualities aka feel no pain so here are a few pictures of our tour. I apologize in regards to photo quality. We aren’t photographers and being under the weather that day. I was shaking like a leaf. Enjoy. -Chef Kevin.

This is the outside of the brewery. It was friggin’ freezing that day.

Here are the grain holders. Only those containers hold the grain to make the beer. They were huge.

The beer list was comprehensive.

They offered plenty of S.W.A.G. and reasonable prices.

Various views of the bar and surrounding areas.

Shots of our wonderful brews including a sampler and the 14th anniversary. I bought a bottle there. Finished it last night. I don’t lay anything down but wine unfortunately. Cold beer is like a sirens trance.

These were the FSW DBA tanks we got to walk through. They produce 75% of the beer consumed in the central coast and they are by far the most productive of any brewery in that area.

Here are some pics of the machines that crack the grain used to make the beer. There is also pics of barrel fermentation. They weren’t aging the beer in the wooden barrels but simply fermenting it in the barrels to extract some of the oils but not in an aging process.

everything is automated

One Response to “My Tour of Firestone Walker Brewing Company”

  1. mamazboy said

    Those are good pix. They almost make me want to reach for a beer. But I guess it’s too early…

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