Bad Backs, Tired Knees and a Life of Standing on Your Feet

March 30, 2011

I’ve worked in restaurants for almost 30 years. Everywhere from fast food to fine dining and from Cincinnati to San Francisco. I’ve seen it all in those years as a cook. What I haven’t seen until about a two years ago was a chiropractor. I’ve never really understood the science and frankly was a bit intimidated by having someone move bone around to align your neck, spine and hips. I’ve always been a bit paranoid about the medical industry. This all changed when I had a terrible back spasm one day at work. I couldn’t lean forward a few inches without literally buckling in pain.

I was fortunate enough to be given the number of a local chiropractor in the Union Square area. His name is Dr.Christopher Arroyo. I was able to get a last-minute appointment late Friday evening and within five minutes, I was walking without pain and have been going back regularly for spine and neck adjustments. The back, neck and hips are very important to us chefs. We rely on them to keep us in business and if they are not in alignment, it can have devastating effects on our prosperity. I just wanted to thank Dr.Arroyo for seeing me that day and for his continued treatment that is keeping me doing the thing I love most. Cooking. Any cook out there suffering from neck, back or knee problems, I encourage you to visit their practice. They have helped me tremendously! Congratulations for winning Best of Bay for best chiropratic practice!

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