Goodbye To My Friend David “Bones” Hebert

April 20, 2011

This has been an insane couple of days. The highs and lows I’ve experienced have been profound. Initially excited about the possibility of coming home to Cincinnati have been horribly overshadowed by the death of a friend of mine. David Hebert or who we affectionately referred to him as “Bones” because well, the guy was skin and bones. Bones was tragically killed by a Cincinnati policeman two days ago and information coming out about this horrible event has made people wonder exactly transpired that fateful Monday night.

I have a tough time coming to grips with death. It’s an integral part of our life cycle but I really never, ever enjoy thinking about it. Who does? It’s even harder to come to grips when young people die. I can count on all my fingers and toes people who I’ve lost in the last twenty years under the age of forty. Family, good buddies and close friends.

I’ve thought a lot about Bones lately. I don’t know why. I thought about him last week, even before he was killed. Someone who read my cards said I had an old soul and had a sixth sense about things. I don’t know, but one thing I do know is that I’m sad and I’m angry. Too many people close to me who have been young have died and it just doesn’t seem fair. My cousin Mark Kroger, my good friend Andy Shepard, my great friend Scott Ritter, Mark Chenault and now Bones.

The last time I spoke to Bones was a couple of years ago. He was working at The Comet and my wife Judy and I were having a drink and he was showing us his new motor powered push scooter. He was so fucking proud of that thing because is seemed to him one step closer to getting a motor cycle. He turned the damn thing on in the bar and it was god awful loud but he tooled up and down the sidewalk with this huge grin on his face. It was quite an enjoyable sight to see. Small things like that stick with you regardless of how crazy your life becomes.

I thought about him living in Portland. I tried to take that route too. Moving from San Francisco to get away from the craziness there and start a new life but found out my life was still in S.F.. I heard he was moving back to Cincinnati and I took a moment to visit his fan page which I found hysterical. I wrote something to the effect of “How’s it going BONEZES?” I then scrolled down to a post from Bones saying that he was thinking about moving back to Cincy and was wondering if he would be happy there. It broke my heart knowing what I know now.

He was such a sweet kid when we were at Mullanes. He was just getting into tattoo’s and it seemed like he has a new one every week. The guy was addicted. He was never late, he never called off his shift and he made the kitchen bearable. Now this. I heard he was working at Northslice and was back in town and I was excited to say hello and this will never happen.

One thing this tragedy has done is make me appreciate my friends, family and my wondeful wife. Life is fleeting. In a flash of an eye, poof, it’s over. Everyone, appreciate who you have in your life. Count your blessings daily and give someone close to you a hug. We need to be kind and considerate to each other in these fucked up times. Pray that the truth comes to light. Bones needs justice as well as just us now. I am eager to see all my friends and family. One friend will be missing though. Have a good trip Bones. We all miss you dearly.

2 Responses to “Goodbye To My Friend David “Bones” Hebert”

  1. kevin apgar said

    Great article. I loved Bones like a brother. I played in Dixie Trash with him for almost 5 yrs. I drove him around alot then. I was really close to him and our guitar player Tom Kohne r.i.p. who we lost to cancer in 2002. Bones missed Tom alot. I remember the scooter. I used to think that damn thing was so hilarious and alot of us made fun of him.. Get real.. he would of made fun of us for sure lol. What really saddens me is that I wanted to see him get his act together and start playing again. He loved that more than anything. Also it gave him some sort of balance. Without it I feel he was quite sad underneath it all. Unfortunately upon returning to cincinnati he was homeless at the time of his death. I feel alot of guilt because I wish I was there for him more… I only got to see him 3 times since his return.

  2. Tina Burnett said

    I’m so relieved that you have shared some of your memories of Bones with all of us. We love him and will miss him the rest of our lives. Thank you for making me smile all the time Bones!

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