I was fortunate enough to live in an area that had some of the best Latin American food outside Mexico. Peruvian, Salvadorian, and Mexican Taquerias were scattered all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Concentrated in The Mission District of San Francisco was a myriad of excellent and cheap restaurants that put their heart and soul into their kitchens.

Attempting to find places in the Tri-State area I was told about a restaurant in Covington’s Mainstrasse District called Frida, named after famed Native Folk artist Frida Kahlo. The building is beautiful, spacious and also has a taco window, in case you want to grab a quick bite, then sit at one of the many picnic benches in the park.

This wouldn’t be classified as a traditional Taqueria or even an authentic ethnic restaurant. Their claim to fame is “Latin Street Cuisine”. and has many different influences including American. My guess is this is American-owned but pays homage to different Mexican and South American food trends. In the two visits to Frida, the execution was focused and the food was well presented and very good.

My first visit, I opted for a chicken burrito and a fish taco as seen in the pictures below. The flavors are balanced, the plates were nicely designed, the fish was crispy, seasoned well, and hot! My only gripe is when you put wet ingredients like toppings for the burrito, you are then obligated to eat with a knife and fork which causes the paper that is lining the serving tin to shred throughout the course of the meal, thus leaving you with having to sift through the food you are eating to discard the shredded paper.

In order to not have to navigate another burrito paper lining debacle, I decided on four tacos. Two fish, a beef and a chicken. Each one of them had a unique preparation and the beef resembled almost a braised short rib consistency and was delicious. I also ordered the chips and salsa sampler with a tomatillo, peanut satay, and traditional pico de gallo salsa. The peanut sauce was my favorite.

Each visit was accompanied by their house margaritas. I don’t want to get on a soapbox here, but you can serve a shrug-inducing screwdriver, gin and tonic or greyhound anywhere and get away with it. What you don’t want to fuck up are margaritas. I’ve had some of the shittiest margaritas in my time from places I dined as well as places I worked. It is imperative that you put some effort into this amazing drink or you will lose my business. Frida nailed it. Not heavy on the bar mix, the lime juice shined through and you could taste the tequila. Some spots I’ve been, windshield washing fluid gave these drinks a run for their money. No Bueno!.

I suggest early afternoon on weekdays to enjoy a carefree lunch and afternoon saloon. Both times I went around three o’clock and it was empty. By the early evening, the place was packed. I can see why.


You always read comments from people asking “If you were on a desert island, what three things would you bring with you?” Without getting into any personal details on the other two things I’d bring with me, one thing is for sure that would accompany me would be a well-made plate of fried chicken. Yeah, I know what you are saying. This guy is friggin’ nuts. I offer no apologies. It is an admitted weakness. Especially places that can really execute it well.

One of my all time favorite places in Cincinnati that served some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had was The Hitching Post which was nestled in the little mini strip mall bordering Hyde Park, Oakley and Norwood. You’d never would notice the storefront if you drove by but the smell of that amazing chicken would be like a Siren’s Trance luring you into the deep fried rocks of Nirvana.

Unfortunately, The Hitching Post shuttered thus leaving me flailing for options to satisfy my need for this amazing dish. There were not many options in Pennsylvania so my hunt for a replacement was on!

I’ve heard rumors of a place in Northern Kentucky that was supposed to have a cult-like following in regards to fried chicken. It was call the Greyhound Tavern on Dixie Highway in Fort Wright Kentucky. I’d never been there before but many family and friends swear by the food.

I decided to take a leap of faith and venture out into the unknown as a solo diner. I sat at the bar, ordered a Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald. That beer went down as fast as the ship itself. Deliciously malty, smooth and with great carbonation.

I didn’t waste any time with the menu. I never opened it. I knew what I wanted. The bartender looked into my eyes, and could see what my soul desired. Their house-made fried chicken.

The breaded four-piece half chicken came with two sides which I opted for Coleslaw and mashed potatoes with gravy. On Monday and Tuesday, they offer an extra side and a biscuit special for a dollar less but when I ordered the special, it was obvious because of the volume, they pre-fried the chicken then heated it up. This time, I took my Nephew and Brother out for his birthday on a Wednesday, and the chicken was made to order.

I have to say, the Tavern became my new all time favorite fried chicken spot. Perfectly seasoned, moist, hot AF, and the sides were delicious. The mashed potatoes were made in-house, and the gravy was sublime. My brother had the chicken as well and loved it. I highly recommend this place but go early. It fills up after five o’clock and was packed when we left.

This was the special fried chicken night


San Francisco has over three thousand restaurants crammed into a 7×7 square mile city. There are some really great places to dine. We find ourselves wondering what’s out there. What would really make our dining experience memorable? Some of the places we frequent just get it. They know their stuff. Whether it’s the menu design, wine and beer list or just attention to detail, they get it. Now you need to try them and judge for yourselves.


Nopa is one of our favorite restaurants in San Francisco. Their commitment to local and fresh ingredients changes daily. They have a wonderful wine and cocktail list and their service is attentive, funky and fun. It’s also nice to be recognized as return guests. Reservations are highly recommended. It gets packed very early.


Sociale is nestled in a long cobble stoned walk way in Laurel Heights. It has a great patio setting when you arrive and it feels like you are dining in a small European bistro. The menu changes frequently and the staff is polished, their wine knowledge is solid and the food is very fresh, very local and imaginative. I recommended for a first date or a romantic dinner.

First Crush Wine Bar and Restaurant

We’ve eaten at First Crush for over five years and it always satisfies. The menu is upscale California-French and changes frequently. The ingredients are local,fresh and very well prepared. The wine program is one of the best in the city and offers great wine flights that are fun and interesting. The staff is seasoned and are attentive but not intrusive. Another great first date spot or for a romantic dinner.

Hard Knox Cafe

Hey, we all have our guilty pleasures in life and fried chicken is one of mine. There are so many places in the city that offer up this wonderful comfort food but really never deliver the goods. Hard Knox does just that. For about ten bucks you get a wonderfully crispy half chicken with two sides that range from collard greens to mac-n-cheese. The staff is very friendly and homey. The place has a funky vibe to it. Watch out for the power tools!

Alembic Bar

This Upper Haight haunt is nestled directly next door to the Red Vic Theater. You can miss it if you aren’t looking carefully. The place is tiny with about eight bar stools and a few tables in the back. They are known for their cocktails. Hand smashed ice a plenty but the tattooed drink making dominatrix’s will entertain you for hours. They even have cocktail recipe books at the tables where you can pick a drink from the book and they will make it for you! The menu is small but well thought out. Very funky ingredients like complimentary Togarshi popcorn to beef tongue sliders. Again, it’s small, it gets packed quick but patience pays when you are finally seated. Enjoy one of their local Magnolia brews or a signature mint julep whilst you wait.

Pacific Catch

Considered a “chain” but you know what? I don’t care! They put together one of the best and biggest rice bowls that we’ve ever tasted. Huge chunks of poki tuna that’s fresh with pickled ginger, shredded seaweed and did I mention rice? All for about thirteen bucks. The service is friendly and attentive and they have a great signature drink list. I recommend their top shelf margaritas. One side note. Parking is horrendous so either try Golden Gate Park or public transportation or you will find yourself circling blocks for hours.

Park Chow

We’ve only frequented the park location of Chow because of the proximity to our Inner Richmond apartment. The food is comfort, with large portions and is made from fresh ingredients. They have a rotating tap beer selection that is very well thought out and even some Belgian ales. We always love the servers who are funky, fun and attentive. The prices are very reasonable and they have outside dining available. There always seems to be space available because the place is quite large inside.

Internos Wine Cafe

We really like this wine bar. They have a great wine program by the glass and the bottle selection varies from numerous countries. We’ve tried all of their small plates and everything was delicious from flat breads to small salads. Cezar who runs the wine program there is very knowledgeable and will steer you in the right direction with the choice of wines you are looking for.

The Richmond

Whether you just want a burger or house made ravioli, The Richmond is a lovely restaurant located on Balboa st. in the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco. The owner/chef is always making sure your dinner is enjoyable and we had a great conversation about the highs and lows of starting your own restaurant. He was super friendly and gave us very sound information on opening a restaurant. The service was very friendly, polished and professional. The menu was upscale California cuisine and they have a very well thought wine list as well.